Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know what type of treatment or health professional best suits my needs?
Due to the large number of available treatments these days, it can be very confusing for patients to best identify what treatment suits them. Before deciding treatment, the first step is to determine an accurate diagnosis.This can be determined during the initial assessment (please see home page) where an in-depth history and physical examination is conducted by our clinic director (Please see the home page).  Once completed, all available treatment options will be discussed thoroughly to determine the best course of car that suits you.
Do all rehab clinics share the same philosophy on health care? What can I expect at your clinic? Generally, some clinics may share different views and philosophies on health care and therefore may offer different treatment options accordingly. At Harvard Rehabilitation we utilize an evidence based, multi -therapist intervention approach to healthcare utilizing only the most modern, up to date techniques and equipment. This may involve the co-treatment and communication of more than one healthcare provider including chiropractors, massage therapists as well as your family doctor.In the initial corrective phase of care, our approach is to get you out of pain and minimize your need for pain medication as quickly as possible. This will include reducing inflammation and restoring normal tissue function of the injured area including full range of motion. Once this is accomplished, the focus will turn to increasing the strength, stability and flexibility of the injured area to prevent re-injury.Finally, a plan will be set out for you with an emphasis on strong over-all health as well as education on preventative measures which may include future occasional maintenance care, lifestyle, exercise and nutritional changes as well as ergonomic modifications.
Do I require a referral from my family doctor to visit your clinic?
No, chiropractors are legislated as primary contact health professionals in every province in Canada so patients can consult them directly without a referral. However, some insurance companies do require a prescription to access massage therapy insurance coverage
Are there any side effects or contraindications to laser therapy?
No, although one must never shine the laser directly into the eye.  Protective eye wear will be provided during treatment.It is also recommended that the laser device not be used on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, in the presence of photosensitive compounds or directly on any cancerous tissue.
How does cold laser therapy work?
Therapeutic or cold medical lasers heal tissue ailments by injecting billions of photons of visible and /or invisible laser light deep into tissue structures. Tissue naturally contain protein strands called chromophores and cytochromes located in the mitochondria of a cell, which have the unique ability to absorb laser light energy and transform it into chemical energy for the cell.  This chemical energy is utilized by the tissue to significantly accelerate the healing process and reduce pain in the body naturally.
What kind of benefits does massage therapy offer?
Massage therapy aims to minimize acute and chronic pain, improve circulation, relax tight muscles, reduce overall stress and create an overall sense of well being.Massage therapy is often included in treatment plans involving many types of conditions including work injuries, auto accident rehabilitation, over- use injuries and pregnant patients.
How does acupuncture work? Is it safe?
Acupuncture involves inserting fine sterile needles into a chosen anatomical point on the body. This causes a complex set of reactions in the nervous system including the release of local pain killers such as endorphins and serotonin.This in turn causes decreased pain, inflammation and improved rate of healing in the damaged tissue.Acupuncture does not cause any significant discomfort.The needles are so fine they cannot damage tissue.In addition, new needles are always used virtually eliminating the chance of infection.
What is myofascial release therapy?
Myofascial release is a hands on, deep tissue therapy used to treat soft tissue disorders which include muscles, nerves, connective tissue and fascia.It is typically used in combination with other techniques such as ultrasound therapy or acupuncture to maximize benefits.Common disorders treated with myofascial release include sciatica, headache, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and repetitive overuse injuries.
Should I always expect to get adjusted when I see the chiropractor? What if I don’t feel comfortable doing this?
You will never be pressured into a type of treatment you do not feel comfortable with.  Spinal adjustments will only be considered if they are determined to be the most beneficial treatment type for your particular condition.You must also be a suitable candidate which is determined during your assessment. Chiropractors are trained in several types of alternate manual therapy techniques including soft tissue therapy, application of therapeutic modalities, acupuncture, etc. If you do not feel comfortable with adjustments, an alternate course of treatment will be substituted for you.
What is an adjustment? Does it hurt?
An adjustment (or joint manipulation) is a highly skilled and precise movement applied by hand to a joint of the body. Some of the effects include decreasing pressure in the joint to allow it to move properly.This in turn may reduce pressure on associated nerves and relax spastic muscle tissue.Some other associated physiological and health benefits have been documented.When a joint is adjusted, a gas bubble escapes causing the popping noise you may have heard about. Chiropractic adjustment techniques have been researched extensively. Complications are extremely rare and side-effects, such as temporary soreness, are usually minor. Typically there is no pain with a chiropractic adjustment. In fact, most patients report immediate relief following an adjustment.It will be determined if you are suitable candidate for this type of treatment during the initial assessment.
What kind of training and education do chiropractors have?
A Doctor of Chiropractic must first undergo university training followed by an additional four years at an accredited chiropractic institution. The chiropractic curriculum includes studies in anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics, neurology, x-ray and physical diagnosis and manual therapy techniques. As primary care practitioners, chiropractors can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment / management plan, recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling.Chiropractors are one of only five classes of health care professionals in Ontario that are able to use the title Doctor, with its accompanying rights and obligations.
Does your clinic accept work place injuries (WSIB) and auto accident claims?
Yes.Our staff is well trained and experienced to deal with third party insurers.We will also prepare all the necessary paper work for you as well as guide you through this sometimes complicated process. You also do not need a referral from your family doctor to get this process started. After you undergo the initial assessment with our clinic director, a treatment plan will be sent to the insurance company and treatments will start accordingly.